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    RMTeam for Research and Management
    RMTeam is an international company that aims to deliver gradual impact, positive change, and community development
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    RMTeam for Research and Management
    Our work raises awareness of good governance and human rights through social and economic research. We support a range of social and civic outcomes on the basis of increased understanding of regional context, greater civil participation, and strengthened community will.

Our Partners

Our Standards

  • Protocols and Ethics

    RMTeam respects the rights, interests, and dignity of participants in conducting research, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, ability, age, orientation, language, or political affiliation. We obtain informed consent from participants, without coercion, prior to engaging in research. Parental or guardian consent must be obtained for participating minors.

    Our researchers have an obligation to protect participants from any harm which might occur as a consequence of the research, physical, psychological, or otherwise. Ensuring and preserving anonymity is paramount.

  • Working in Conflict Sensitive Environments

    All staff are trained in conflict-sensitive methods and understand the possible implications should they not adhere to data collection principles. Internal policies empower field researchers and staff to put their own security ahead of work deliverables. Our Do No Harm approach is based on local understanding of research participants’ specific legal, political, and cultural situations, as well as the everyday challenges they face.

  • Safety, Security, and Risk Mitigation

    Working in the Middle East and North Africa presents unique challenges and risks as security contexts are typically fluid. RMTeam is well positioned to manage these with vast experience in collecting responsive, extensive, and conflict-sensitive information. We monitor security conditions on a daily basis. We have developed rigorous Health, Safety, and Security policies and procedures that minimise the incremental risk that such work poses to staff in the field.

    RMTeam’s field researchers use mobile devices, superior to manual recording, for data input. They are trained and experienced in flexible methods of data collection that do not sacrifice data integrity in various security contexts.

  • Community Engagement

    RMTeam recruits well-known community members who possess a trustworthy reputation and technical experience. Our network of field researches have been recruited on the basis of familiarity with local languages and dialects.

    We strive to collect data that accurately reflects communities’ true needs and opinions on the basis of proper sampling and our statistically rigorous best practices.

  • Training

    RMTeam employs a multi-phase approach to training potential field researchers. We build capacity through an extensive curriculum, focused on key data collection skills, techniques, and tools. Newly recruited researches attend training sessions together and are subsequently tested on retention and performance.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance begins with a full understanding of client needs. To serve those needs, we select the right team with the strongest combination of skills, experience, access, and expertise. We employ quality assurance procedures, before, during, and after collection to ensure the highest data quality.

  • Gender

    RMTeam’s gender policy is rooted in protection for women and children. We lead by example in the communities in which we work with female and male researchers presenting themselves side by side. Moreover, RMTeam requires all researchers to undertake gender sensitivity training.

BlueData ®

RMTeam utilises BlueData Software, a secure-data collection tool accessed through a mobile application.


Team members only receive tasks to which they are assigned to contribute.


BlueData encrypts all data – including photos and audio files – on the device and during data transmission.


Easily capture image and audio data. Snap a picture, record a voice response, add context, and submit, all with one click.


Receive instant status updates on all project activities from the updates feed. BlueData’s notifications system alerts team members to important events.


Unauthorised people using a device cannot see the BlueData icon. Data can be wiped remotely should a device be lost or stolen and is deleted automatically once it has been transferred to a secure server.


BlueData Software allows you to curate and present data in any language.


Administrators can monitor the progress of all tasks across a visualisation updating in real time.


Receive instant status updates on all project activities from the updates feed. BlueData’s notifications system alerts team members to important events.


Simply drag and drop to add, remove, and reorder survey form components.


An administrator controls which devices are linked to your account and what each team member can access and manage. BlueData Software cannot be installed on a new device without admin approval.

Our Team

Bassam Al-Kuwatli MSc, MA
Co-Founder— Managing Director

In October 2013, Bassam co-founded Research and Management Team (RMTeam) and now serves as Managing Director. He has extensive experience in managing monitoring and evaluation, field research, and peace building projects. He also actively contributes to the knowledge base and policies surrounding effective immigration and refugee integration.

Bassam currently focuses on conflict management and international relations. He maintains a sharp awareness of the unique regional dynamics in which RMTeam operates, deftly guiding strategy and operations.

Marwa Bouka BE, MBA
Co-Founder— Deputy Managing Director

Marwa co-founded RMTeam and is the current Deputy Managing Director. She has over fifteen years experience, including ten with UN agencies, allowing her to design third-party monitoring programs with client perspectives in mind. She has been stationed across many of the world’s conflict zones, including in East Timor, South Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Libya.

Marwa is a specialist in M&E and has directed humanitarian projects, using different assistance modalities, including cash and vouchers, in different conflict contexts across the Middle East and North Africa.

Barry Abdullattif, BA
Conflict Analyst

Barry is RMTeam’s lead Conflict Analyst, having previously worked as an Operations Manager and Trainer. He possesses a singular aptitude for conflict analysis across different contexts while remaining constantly informed of shifting regional dynamics. His penetrating analysis recognises opposing points of view and modifies research tools according to credible references.

Barry specialises in issues surrounding Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, from investigation to community awareness, as well as in Needs Assessment and Food Security.

Aya Yagan, BSc
Head of M&E Department

In October 2016, Aya joined RMTeam to lead M&E projects throughout the Middle East and North Africa. She works with clients to design optimal third-party monitoring and evaluation methodologies. Drawing from her wealth of experience, she skilfully facilitates discussions of lessons learned. Aya is also a certified trainer in international Sphere standards for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Tarek Kaleih
Head of Field Operations Department

Tarek is RMTeam’s field network manager and oversees all safety and security matters. He has extensive experience in the field of humanitarian aid and emergency response, having spent nearly a decade with international organisations.

Loay Ausami BE
Senior M&E Manager / Infrastructure Adviser

Loay joined RMTeam in 2014 as an infrastructure technical officer with a degree in Civil Engineering. On account of his outstanding results-based management, he was quickly leading monitoring of infrastructure rehabilitation projects. He also develops M&E methodologies for WASH (water, sanitisation, and hygiene) programs.

Mamdouh Azizieh BSc,
MBA Head of Research and Development

Mamdouh joined RMTeam in 2016 as a Senior Data Analyst and has been in his current role since March 2017. In managing research, he designs sampling methodology and research tools to ensure data quality from inception to delivery.

Ashham Alwany, MD
Monitoring and Evaluation Research Manager

Ashham graduated from Damascus University’s School of Medicine in 2015 before joining RMTeam as a Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager. His education has served him in designing medical M&E programs for the field, where he has excelled in managing large teams.

Ahmed Taleb

Ahmad brings unsurpassed patience and dedication to training RMTeam’s field researchers on humanitarian principles, M&E and research data collection techniques, specifically protection and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. In his previous position with RMTeam, he distinguished himself as a premier field researcher.

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